Over 500 existing San Joaquin Power Employees Credit Union loans are “Enhanced”, allowing the borrower to receive a tax write off for the interest they pay each year. Members often “Enhance” auto, signature, RV, boat, motorcycle, and share secured loans to reduce their annual tax burden and their net interest cost on their loan.



Auto Loan Rate                          2.50% APR

“Enhancement” Benefit*         (0.83%)

Net Cost to Borrower              1.67%                           


Signature Loan Rate               8.00%

“Enhancement” Benefit*       (2.64%)

Net Cost to Borrower             5.36%


Energy Efficiency Loan Rate     7.00%

“Enhancement” Benefit*           (2.31%)

Net Cost to Borrower               4.69%


“Enhance” your loan by simply authorizing SJPECU to place a lien against your primary residence so the credit union can mail you a Form 1098 at tax time. The interest paid on your loan may then be tax deductible.* SJPECU covers all costs of recording and removing the lien. “Enhancement” of your loan is at your discretion and you can request the lien be removed at any time.

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*Neither SJPECU nor its staff are tax advisors and therefore recommend you discuss your eligibility for any tax deductions with a tax professional. “Enhancement” is only available to borrowers that own their primary residence. Examples are based on a borrower with a combined federal and state tax rate of 33% tax bracket.

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