PG&E Employees and Retirees help SJPECU Rank 74th out of all credit unions nationwide

Each year ranks every bank and credit union in the country in order of financial health. This year, thanks in great part to our outstanding membership, San Joaquin Power Employees Credit Union received a Grade of A+ and was ranked #74 out of more than 6600 credit unions nationwide. This ranking is truly a testament to our members’ loyalty as both shareholders and borrowers.

As shareholders, our members provide us with a consistent, reliable source of funds to lend and invest. Their desire to continually deposit with SJPECU is a strong sign of confidence in the credit union, and is an indicator of strong financial health.

As borrowers, our members are more reliable and pay on-time much more consistently than the average credit union borrower. In so doing, the amount of delinquent loans and charge-offs (losses) suffered by the credit union are significantly less than that of the average credit union. Low losses and low delinquencies are another sign of good financial health.

We wish to take this opportunity to say “Thank You”.

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