About Us


The San Joaquin Power Employees Credit Union (SJPECU) was established in Fresno, CA, in 1934, to serve the employees of the San Joaquin Light and Power Company exclusively.  Just two years later, in 1936, the consolidation of the San Joaquin Light and Power Company into Pacific Gas & Electric was finalized.  Since that time, SJPECU has proudly served the employees of Pacific Gas and Electric throughout the state of California from its single location in Fresno.

Since its inception, SJPECU has been committed to three main goals;

  1. Paying its members the highest possible dividend each and every year,
  2. Providing loans to every approved borrower at the lowest possible interest rates, and
  3. Ensuring that every member of the credit union has a helpful, positive, and personal customer service experience that is unmatched in the industry.

SJPECU boasts one of the lowest expense ratios for a credit union of its size, consistently incurring expenses equal to one-half that of its peers.  It achieves this high level of performance by purposely operating a lean, efficient, low-cost operation, at the heart of which is a small, experienced staff that average nearly 20 years of employment at SJPECU alone.  To ensure our members get the best possible rates, dividends and service, there is no product introduced, operational change made, or expense incurred that does not ultimately support the three main goals of the credit union.

While most credit unions have become more like banks, paying low dividends and offering an array of financial products from checking and money market accounts to debit and travel money cards, SJPECU has stayed true to its core values, core membership, and core products.  To this day, SJPECU serves ONLY PG&E employees, retirees, and their spouses, offering term loans and a simple share savings account, and remains focused on ensuring every approved borrower gets a great rate and every depositor receives an industry leading dividend.

It is the goal of the SJPECU’s board of directors, management, and staff to ensure that so long as PG&E exists in the state of California and there is value to be found in receiving an honest return on one’s deposit, a low interest rate on one’s loan, and a personal service experience from knowledgeable staff, SJPECU will exist to serve its members.