There’s a reason San Joaquin Power Employees Credit Union paid a 2.00% dividend to every one of its eligible members in 2015. San Joaquin Power Employees Credit Union (SJPECU), founded in 1934, operates with the vision of being “the lender and savings institution of choice for all Pacific Gas and Electric Company employees and retirees.” To attain this vision, SJPECU offers some of the best loan rates in the industry to ALL approved borrowers regardless of credit score, and always strives to pay out the largest dividend possible to every depositor. Call and join today.


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“Dedicated to serving ONLY employees and retirees of PG&E since 1934!”

Energy Efficient Loans at 7.00% APR and Terms to 120 Months

San Joaquin Power Employees Credit Union is now offering Energy Efficient Loans to assist its members in funding projects such as home solar systems, Energy Star appliances, energy efficient windows and doors, energy efficient air conditioning units, and much more.

The loan can also be used to finance PG&E’s Energy Upgrade California (EUC) Home Upgrade or Advanced Home Upgrade projects, with potential rebates up to $6500 available.**  Click here for more information.

APR is 7.00% fixed for ALL approved borrowers. The term is up to 120 months.

This loan is unsecured. A borrower may choose to “Enhance” the loan by authorizing SJPECU to place a lien against the primary residence. The credit union will send a Form 1098 at tax time. The interest paid on the loan may then be tax deductible.* SJPECU covers all costs of recording and removing the lien. “Enhancement” of a loan is at the borrower’s discretion—the lien can be removed at any time. For example:



Energy Efficient Loan Rate 7.00% APR
“Enhancement” Benefit* (2.31%)
Net Cost to Borrower  4.69%


Call for loan program details and/or to join the credit union today. Call 800-637-5993

*Neither SJPECU nor its staff are tax advisors and therefore recommend you discuss your eligibility for any tax deductions with a tax professional. “Enhancement” is only available to borrowers that own their primary residence. Examples are based on a borrower with a combined federal and state tax rate of 33% tax bracket.

**Due to the comprehensive nature of EUC Home Upgrade projects, non-energy efficiency supporting work may be required.  This supporting work may qualify on a case by case basis at the discretion of SJPECU.  Please contact us with the proposed scope to see if your project qualifies.

Mortgage Loans

The credit union has lifted the moratorium on granting First Trust Deed and Home Equity loans.  We will be contacting members that are on our waiting list.